Sunday snapshots

Sunday already?!

How the heck does that happen?!

Today I'm just going to give you snapshots of my weekend; It was great but went too fast and I want to enjoy the rest of my evening with husband who is finally home from work! Hard when he works all weekend and  I work during the week.
lovely trees in the park during our walk yesterday

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of Lilacs...I may have picked a few to bring home!...shhhhh
Nice early morning run with my munchkin this morning! First run all week felt fabulous

My 'farm raised' cutie...soon enough we will be back in the country, soon enough...

speaking of farm raised....homegrown chicken! meal prep for the week

more meal prep for the work week

easiest way to make sweet potatoes for leftovers and easy to throw in your salads for work.
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.
Time with family, time with God, time outside!

What do you have in your bag for lunch tomorrow?
What are some easy things to cook and store for the week?!


A few of my favorite things

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