Mothers Day

Once again I"m a day late; but I spent my FIRST mothers day away from the computer!

I hope all you Mommies out there had a wonderful well deserved day and really savored the fact that you are on this wonderful ride of Motherhood! 
Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings; I started back at work today, my maternity leave coming to an end, and my husband had to work all day (joys of a husband who works in the restaurant business, everyone wants to go out to eat!) I was really thankful I had the day to spend with my son but I really wanted to be with my husband AND my baby.

The fact that I had to go back to work the next day wasn't very exciting either.  However I prayed the ENTIRE day; literally I kept asking God to give me the grace and guidance to relax and not worry about the following day; and go figure I was RELAXED! I meal prepped and everything to keep me on track with my eating for the week!

Anyhow, the main focus of this post was for all you Mom's.  The day hit me hard in the fact that I AM A MOTHER. GOD chose ME to be a mother to this sweet boy and I am SO BLESSED.
SERIOUSLY. There are moments when I am sure we all just want too throw in the towel and scream at the world, but in THAT moment God is trying to tell you that HIS little life he blessed you with NEEDS YOU, no one else but YOU. HOW amazing is that?! 

So, a little side note, but I lost one of my closest friends about a year and a half ago on her journey into Motherhood.  She unfortunately lost her life while giving life.  I remember that day so vividly and still can't believe that she is actually gone. She was SO SO excited to be a mother and I had spoken with her minutes before she was going in for an unplanned C-section. 
The next phone call I got was from her mom saying that she had a healthy baby boy, but that she didn't make it.....Something happened during the procedure and she didn't make it.

I am sharing this story with you not to make you sad, or too feel bad for her family. I am sharing this with you because I want all of you Momma's out there too LOVE & APPRECIATE being a mother in the good times and the bad times. Because some of us are not given the gift to be a mother on this earth, but to guide us from the heavens above.  And I do believe losing my best friend has made me a better Mother. When you feel yourself going down that path of wanting to scream, take a deep breath and be THANKFUL. Be thankful that you are in this present MOMENT. This moment that your children need YOU. Ask for help; Chances are God is walking that path with you and there may be someone up in heaven that is willing to give you a helping hand.

Happy Mothers Day, a day late, but in all honesty; Every day is Mothers Day once you give life.

Who needs you everyday?!

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