Memorial Day

This was supposed to go up a few days ago! Ah I am always so behind in this matter!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and you all remembered to take a few minutes to thank the women and men of our Armed forces who give of themselves so selflessly to defend our freedom!

On Sunday in our state of VT they have a group of motorcyclist get together and do a ride to support our fallen hero's.  I was able to watch it go through one of the neighboring towns and wow! so powerful! I ended up seeing more people than I knew who were riding in it so it was nice too see.

I hope you all had time to spend with your families. The weather turned out nice and I indulged in my fair share of carbs and cookies, but hey its all about the balance right! I ran a few miles yesterday morning and hit my workout hard this morning! Gotta be laser focused this week with my nutrition and getting my workouts in. 
Here's to hoping the back to work thing gets a little easier this week. (it isn't but I like to pretend it is!)

And with that I will leave you with a picture of my son that was taken by sister in law...seriously, baby model material right here:
right?! It is NOT easy leaving that sweet face in the mornings! Only 14  days left until Summer break, but who's counting?!

Make today count everyone!
Get your workout in, go run, do whatever it is that you need to do to stick to your goals!


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