Wacky Weather and cabinet

Well after seeing the weather forecast for the next two days I was pretty pumped about it.  Then today it started snowing and it was just barely 30 degrees.  I'm pretty sure that is NOT the same as sunny skies and 50 degrees per the weather forecast!  Maybe those guys are getting just as impatient for spring to 'spring' and thought it would be funny to play a joke! HA I am NOT laughing!

Its so hard sometimes to wait and be patient, we keep wishing and wanting for what we don't have instead of looking for the positive in what might be happening right now.  I always try to remind myself that the days pass so quickly already so its important to just enjoy the moment.  At least yesterday the sun was out and this happened;
Oh yes the Mizuno's made another appearance with BOB as their faithful companion. Nothing better than that! I just keep telling myself we WILL have more encounters as the days warm up.

Another random side note; my husband and I went cabinet shopping for the FIRST time and we FOUND exactly what we wanted! Everyone kept telling us it was the worst part of building a house; finding appliances, fixtures and whatnot.  Honestly we spent not even an hour and found our flooring, cabinents, and bathroom fixtures.  Luckily we like the the same; simple and earthy!

For the rest of the stress that comes with building....I seriously was looking for a paper bag earlier to start breathing into...

Anyone else out there have a pointers for building?!


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