Tis the season!

This week has been SWAMPED! Seriously...I have been eating, sleeping, breathing nothing but colors for cabinets and what style bathtub I want to the color of my bathroom vanity to the style of toilet?! Like what?! I don't care about toilets, just give me a bucket that flushes and I"ll be happy seriously!  I think the hardest part is I honestly amnot that picky and just want the most efficient but lowest priced items possible! 

Gah! Anyhow....Its Maple Festival SEason over here in VT; meaning this is the current view from my lovely apartment window:

Yup nothing like a carnival in your backyard; the only difference from that picture and today is that today it was snowing and there hundreds of people walking around today getting their cotton candy and fries on like it ain't no thang. 
The ONLY thing that is nice about this festival is that it does celebrate MAPLE and don't get me wrong I love all things maple!  And maybe they have some nice exhibits around that are family friendly. The rest; just not so family friendly at all if you know what I mean, those of you from this area, you know what I'm talkin' about! 

Speaking of Maple, this is what I had instead of eating ice-cream and I very proud of myself!  In honor of maple season gotta represent;
And Yup support Local while you're at it, the only kinda Greek yogurt I eat, swirled with a little maple syrup and Peanut Butter (not picture) absolutely DELISH! Nom Nom Nom!

What are all you up too this weekend?!

Do you love Maple?!

Have a great one and  I hope its not snowing anywhere else!!


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