Out with the Old; In with the New...

What a week!

I have been on maternity leave since my baby was born the end of January.  I went to school yesterday for a full day just to make sure I didn't forget how to teach and to get caught up on everything that has happened.  It was certainly a busy day but was not as terrible as I anticipated.  I was TIRED though! Man!  Working Moms seriously are SUPER Moms, no doubt.  It was great, great great too see the kiddos, but I could not get home soon enough to see this face:
Someone had a super day with his Daddy! So much love for these two!

Anyhow what I really wanted to bring up today was the idea of Clean Eating!  What the heck is that you may ask?! Well its as easy as it sounds, eating good, whole food that is natural and clean. Foods that you eat right from the source, the less pre-packaged stuff the better. I always thought I ate pretty well for most of my life until I started using the nutrition program along with the 21 Day Fix.  I really wanted to focus on eating better because I was breastfeeding and wanted to make sure my baby got the best of the best. 
Well I was certainly lacking in a few areas; specifically the veggie department!  Since I have been eating the right amounts of the RIGHT stuff I seriously feel like a new person.  I have enough energy to get me through my busy day and to say the least my baby is just about off the charts for his size.  Happy Healthy Momma=Healthy Happy Baby. 
Here is an article that sums up Clean Eating and can maybe help you out!


Are you eating clean?
Nourishing your body with the best of the best?!


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