Miles really DO CHANGE YOU. Embrace the negative!

So This has been on my mind for a while and I wasn't quite sure how to handle it.
For a while I just kept it in my head, but thinking it over on my last few runs I think I'm happy with my conclusion.

Well these past few months have been a while new ball game for me. Mom. New Mom at that. Building  a House. and becoming a Health & Fitness Coach.  The latter has opened me up in ways I never thought possible to be honest.  I have overcome(maybe not totally) of being that reserved individual who never used social media, well that chick is now probably to the point of being annoying! For instance:
Yeah; posting real life selfies! I always hated on others for posting selfies! Well now I"m probably the one being hated on. But it has made me learn a lot about ME, what I am willing to do in order to live a better, more fulfilling LIFE, have the FREEDOM to be with my baby and HELP others. How can anyone not want that kind of life?! Do I still cringe a bit when I hit that post button while looking at my sweaty/pasty pale face? Of course but its ME in MY MOMENT; and I want to share it with the world in hopes to inspire some others that have been afraid to do the same. 

Now I posted some pictures of my post-baby THAT was difficult to do but in order to fulfill my goals of having FREEDOM, I had too! And after that I had some negative feedback which made me sink into a hole so large I never wanted to come out! I had so much self-doubt at that moment in time, Would this coaching thing really work?! What the hell am I thinking?! Of course I am stupid for even putting that up there! etc etc....WELL. That person(s) said what they said, and it hurt at first, but now, I'm SO glad they said it!  Because it made me STRONGER.
It made me WANT to keep going with my story to show others that YES YOU CAN TOO! Don't be afraid!
So long story short, but I came to the conclusion that STRUGGLES WILL make you STRONGER. Period. It may take some time too be thankful for them, but eventually you will be.

Embrace those moments make you fear, chances are you will be thankful for them not too long from now.
So Thank YOU. Thank you. Thank you.

But lets keep happy happy thoughts!


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