Kick those 'nancies' to the curb

Well after all the rain we have been having; I honestly haven't run in  like a week.  Yesterday however; I fed the baby and out the door I went; without him! I left him sleeping soundly in his bed with his Dad.  I almost felt guilty for it too! Like what gives eh?! I finally can take a few moments to myself, off doing something I enjoy and I was scared. 

Scared?! Of what?! I could now run without pushing a stroller or a 8lb watermelon in my belly; like I should be jumping through the roof right?  Well not really the case.  
I was scared because I was afraid of being slow and looking all clumsy.  I no longer had the excuse "I'm pregnant, and feel like a whale or I can be slow because I am pushing a jogging stroller. After about 10 minutes into the run I finally kicked myself in the A** and said you know what Kaitlin, you are freaking RUNNING! You are HERE now on this earth and your body was capable of RUNNING while growing a child, your body was able to birth an AWESOME baby boy and you are now only 3 months post postpartum and you once again you are RUNNING. 

So see nothing to be scared of right?!  I think we all have self-doubt in our lives and its hard not to compare ourselves to our past at any given time when we were in our prime.  One reason I DO run is because when I have those thoughts I can usually kick them too the curb by the end of my run and say "peace you negative nancies."

By the end of this run I felt fabulous and tired BUT the negative started to come in saying "wow you only ran 3 miles and you tired?! whats wrong with you?!" BUT thank you happy endorphins for taking over with "YOU ARE AWESOME! You just RAN! your legs felt ALIVE your lungs were filled with oxygen and you FREAKEN RAN." Raise the roof! And then I was all happy again and felt like a million bucks. 

Yes, your welcome for sharing an insight to my brain; I"m sure you found it helpful, I guess the moral of the story is; 

Get your sweat on! Get those endorphins flowing! Who cares if you aren't as fast or as strong as you were before; the more you get our there and DO IT the faster and stronger you will get. Be consistent, but most of all BE HAPPY. Kick those nancies to the curb. YOU can do anything you set your mind too. Gi

What are you doing this week to BE HAPPY?! 
Are you running?!


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