Houses and Windiness and its FRIDAY

Oh Hey All,

And its FRIDAY. What a week eh?!  Once again I hit the ground running today!  Baby Boy decided to be up more times than I would care for last night so I was a bit slow.  I seriously, seriously wanted to get a run in this morning, but it just didn't happen.  I am having a hard time timing when he gets up to each, to when I should be up, and when to run. 
Any of you other moms have that issue?  If he sleeps well at night, I wake up ready to burst open because my milk machines are fuller than full, but then if he is up a lot in the early morning I usually can't fit a run in before he wakes up because he is up!  I guess I"ll just have to strap him in the BOB but sometimes I just want a little FREEDOM in my run.  I want to see how much I can do without pushing him! You feel my pain?!

Building a HOUSE is no easy feat, building your DREAM HOME is no easy feat either.  Hubs and I are highly active people always doing something.  Well we had planned to build this spring before I found out I was preggers with Baby Boy, (not that that would have made a difference, we wanted the little munchkins to start coming!) But now that is HERE  like we have a 2 month old, and are BUILDING; meaning endless phone calls, millions of e-mails, picking out this that and oh wait what do you want for floorboards?! Um excuse me?! I just want a roof and some walls and a place to call HOME!
We are really focusing on the positive and trying not to let it get the best of us but there is stress happening; more than I'd care for!
But the LORD is amazing and wonderful.  When you put your FAITH in him; HE will set your PATH.

Oh and can I just say one more thing; people are telling me I look great for just having a baby and stuff, and don't get me wrong I FEEL great, but its the daily choices I make, my nutrition and working out daily and making some ME time a priority...and well when you have MONSTER STAIRS that look like this looming out your door:
Your gonna have some SERIOUS pipes.  Hauling a stroller up and down just to get outside; and try carrying grocery bags with a carseat up that biz with a baby who loves to eat and is just shy of 15lbs!
Holla to all you apartment mommies out there!

Happy Friday!
Spend time with your Families
Get a good Run in.
Enjoy the small moments.
Life is short!


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