Dare too DREAM!

 AHHH Today was a very special for many; the 119th BOSTON MARATHON! 
I really hope to be there one day! I wish I had been there today but  I'm not there yet! 

Since having my baby I really haven't been running as much as I would like but I"m working out consistently so I know that is going to help regardless! Maybe this fall I can run a full 26.2, but building a house is kinda taking up all my free moments! As you noticed this post was supposed to go up on Monday, and here we are now it being Wednesday. 

Building a HOUSE is no easy feat! Lets just say my husband and I's FAITH has grown tenfold in the past month and just continues to grow.  I SERIOUSLY do not know where we would be if that wasn't already such a big part of our lives. But GOD TRULY guides you in your day by day decisions if you open up your heart and mind to his callings. Now this does not always mean that it will be easy and the struggle is still there but I continue to remind myself that HE has ULTIMATE CONTROL! Regardless of what the $$$ amount is on our home, and the $$$ amount we bring in, it all STARTS and ENDS with HIM. HE will PROVIDE. PERIOD. He provides for the birds, and the animals, he will provide for YOU and has provided for us with more than I can even fathom.  

Granted MONEY is a  huge issue not only for us, but the rest of the world. It sucks knowing that you have worked so hard and done years of schooling and paid of your debt to know that in order to HAVE a HOME or anything you STILL need to  borrow MORE and pay MORE and give MORE of you than you ever wanted. 
Not really knowing what next year will bring for me in the teaching/working world is still a bit unsettling but I KNOW that GOD has a plan for me. He has brought opportunities to me in the past and he is continuing to do so now.  The thought of working full time and leaving my baby makes me sick.  I don't want too work. I want to stay home I want to be the one to see all of Vito's first's in his life. And I have done my fair share of crying over it. Trust me. Insert PRAYER. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY.

However over maternity leave I was presented with this opportunity that I really could not pass up. And I PRAYED and PRAYED about it and it seemed to be what God wanted at this time.  AND I thought OK; THIS is my ticket to staying home with my babies AND providing an income at the same time. THIS is my OPPORTUNITY that GOD is putting before me. That opportunity was becoming an online health and fitness coach through Beacbody. I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach because I saw the POTENTIAL in the opportunity to create a BETTER life for my family. I am now working my buns off to create that FREEDOM for my family. Not only am I creating FINANCIAL FREEDOM for my family, but I am HELPING others at the same time. I am CHANGING lives one day at a time and it is the most rewarding experience.  The best part is I can do it all from the COMFORT of my OWN HOME. How can you not want that?!

This was a super long post and bless whoever decided to read it all! 

Happy Happy Wednesday and Keep it real my friends; keep it real. Remember to live in the moment and do what makes you happy! If any of you want more Freedom in your life and have a PASSION to staying FIT and helping others, send me an e-mail! Pay it forward!

Peace, Love and Smiles! xo


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