Time Flies; Enjoy the MOMENT.

Monday, Monday! Wow; this weekend flew; yet again all the days tend to mesh together these days anyhow!

Lets see weekend-ness, the husband worked all weekend.
Saturday my cousin came to visit and finally met the little man. Nice to catch up for a bit!
I have YET to run....again it is a whooping 10 degrees here, the SUN feels fantastic but when that wind blows; oh my.  I think I have turned into a wimp. Maybe when it actually gets warm out I will get more excited about wanting to run.  I almost feel guilty I am not craving it as bad as I thought I was. STRANGE!  Maybe its because this little guy came into my life:
Who may I add is 8 WEEKS OLD TODAY! When the HECK did that happen?!  I'd like to stop time but at the same time I love watching him grow and make new discoveries each day.  He is one of the most amazing little kids I've meet, (slightly biased here, but hey I did birth the boy.) I am just cherishing each blessed moment with him!

Day 1 for my Challengers this week with the 21 Day Fix; So excited to be guiding a group of people and helping them achieve their goals!  It is such an awesome experience.  They are honestly KILLING it and I have a really active group and know it is only going to get better.  I even got up extra early to get my time in, gotta represent!

And; I'll share my lunch from today; which consisted of 2 Greens, 1 Red, and 1 Purple, not shown, I ate a Pear.
And that's all I got today Folks; keep it real, have fun, and don't forget to set your intentions for the day/week.  People who do succeed at their goals 100% better than those that don't!

Peace. Love. Smiles.

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