Sunday Funday...and its now TUESDAY

And I don't have much to say for today; other than what a FABULOUS DAY we had yesterday! Hubby only had to work a few hours in the morning and then he was all ours! We went to my parents house and enjoyed some wonderful fresh air and Vitamin D; looking again at where exactly we are going to put up our HOUSE! The time is coming! and the view isn't too shabby either....
And I do realize this post got up a bit late but it was a bit of a busy weekend and with the hubs being home it was family time! 

V got his shots yesterday and what a heart breaker! Gah! AS parents we all know that giving our children what is best is NOT always EASY.  It sure was not fun listening to that poor little soul cry so hard!! I am so glad he will not remember that moment! And I keep telling myself; that this is just the beginning of his JOURNEY. I have to make sure I am prepared to be there for him and help him along the way!

Another lovely looking day today; hoping to hit the railtrail again for a little run! 

What are your plans for today?!
Did everyone enjoy their weekend?!

And before I forget, I'm hosting another Challenge: e-mail me or comment your address below for more details!
It's almost time for those TANKS, SHORTS and SUITS! Who wants to start their journey to a BETTER, FITTER, HEALTHIER YOU?!!


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