Some Randoms and its WEDNESDAY!

HI there!

Busy busy few days over in this household, between coordinating services/people/crew for our soon to be new house, (breaking ground in the SPRING; IF IT EVER COMES!)  and just the daily tasks of life, I feel pooped.  I honestly have to say I AM NOT looking forward to having to go back to school to teach my little kiddos in May.  As much as I love them and miss them, I'd rather be home with this little face: I don't know how some Mom's do it! Props to you SuperMoms!
This was our trip to Costco yesterday; stocking up on all the goods; fruits and veggies!  I don't think he was impressed by it at all! At least he was a good sport about it none the less.

Totally random but a few days ago I was eating a late night snack of celery and peanut butter being all healthy trying hard to stick to my goals, when in walks my husband (he is a chef therefore has late night hours) and throws two boxes of girl scout cookies at me! ARG!  If those are in my house; the end results are never good!

Why can't you eat just one or two of those darn things?!  Seriously!

What are your ideas for late night snacks?

 Favorite Girl scout cookie?!
>>>>>>>>> I hate to admit it but Caramel Delights are the winner for me; which is why I NEVER buy them!

Thanks for the gesture babe, but next time buy me a stalk of celery! Nom Nom Nom.


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