Soccer Mom & Visit to the KIDS

Well its FRIDAY again; this week FLEW; I don't know about anyone else but wow.

It was a great week none-the-less but jam packed.

My nephew stayed with us for the week so I really buckled down on waking up early (remember I'm still on maternity leave here!) getting my hour of work in (LOVE working from home and helping people achieve their goals!) before feeding the little guy, getting my nephew up and ready for school.

I felt like a soccer mom, but without a van! Which, by the way; I am looking forward to that day when it happens in the near future! Is that terrible that I am excited about owning a van?!

On that note; I brought my little guy to school this morning to show and tell to my students; my 4 year old students were a little shocked too see him and I think they were scared!  But of course its been about 2 months since I last saw them and I no longer had a watermelon in my stomach!  It was so great to see them all though and my heart pulled a little bit thinking of all the stuff I missed out on the past few months.  But I wouldn't give up being with my own little one bit! Its a catch 22!

Any of you other teachers feel that way?!

They also made a sweet card for Him full of lots of pictures;
So sweet!  I am off and running though; Happy Happy Friday ya'll! Hope you all get some family time and get outside!


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