It is Friday!!!! Happy Spring!

Whoohooo! It's FRIDAY and the first Day of SPRING! Luckily the weather was on our side up here in the Northeast and me and the little man got out for a walk; He was not having the best of days, so THANK YOU SUNSHINE and WARMNESS and BABYWRAPS. 

 A little cookie action in the Kitchen that just went down; Booya to the Girl Scout cookies sitting in my freezer; my husband can have at it! These babies are nothing but CLEAN and 21DF approved; thank you Autumn!

And got my sweat on this morning; going on my 12th day in a row since being cleared by the Doctor; I'm still itching to get my RUN on but right now focusing on building some of my muscle juice back so I can power  through some runs with little man in the BOB.  And that's all I go for you today.  Hope you all enjoy some quality time with your families this weekend. Life is short; Live it well! xo

Happy Friday!

What are you all doing for at home workouts? Who needs a gym right?!


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