As many of you are aware I ENJOY any form of fitness, specifically running, but in order to be the best runner I can be my NUTRITION and other means of building MUSCLE all come into play. Well I’ve finally decided to take my personal PASSION and DEDICATION in fitness and health to a whole new level in my life and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve decided to become an online fitness coach with the company BeachBody. They understand that fitness and health takes work, time and dedication.

I actually have been pursing this online coaching business for a total of 28 days! Whoohoo!! I just launched my FIRST online fitness challenge, MARCH MADNESS with a co-coach and it is THRILLING, I inspired some people to join who were ready to make the change and it is really exciting to be hitting the ground running with this.

I think some people are afraid of change, but once they make the descision to do so; the results are AMAZING; I am so GREATFUL and in awe that God has given me this opportunity to help others change their lives.  I truly am blessed! 

Are you ready for a change?
Do you need support?
WHY do you want to change?

I am dedicated to staying healthy and fit for these two men!  So that I can be the BEST Mom and WIFE possible! Happy Monday ya'll!


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