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If not NOW, When?!

HI!!  Hope you have been having a fabulous weekend! Its been pretty routine here---a little lonely as usual because my husband works long, LONG hours; and has been doing overtime on his normal days off because they are short a staff member. The joys of working in the restaurant business! You can't just 'call out sick' or take extended leave and not have someone cover you---people are ALWAYS ordering food! ANYHOW, moving in--lol I read this quote earlier this week and I thought of YOU--- "If not now, when?" it really resonated with me and felt I had to share it. Too often, we as women, mothers, wives put everything besides ourselves first (like ALWAYS, its human nature!) Family, friends, work, and the craziness of life take priority; especially this time of season and it can and does wreck havoc on our bodies, minds and spirits.  What if this time you took a chance to commit to YOU? What if you said yes to a new adventure? What if you made TODAY that day? It is so re…

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