A little over a year ago I was 9 months pregnant; feeling HUGE and just ready for our bundle too arrive. And as everyone tells you; they arrive on their own time! Being a Mom was/is the BEST thing that could have happened to me.
However, after my body went through that I was left feeling a little lost; It was the middle of WINTER, getting outside to walk or exercise was not an option. Running had been my go to therapy, and now that I didn't have that I felt empty.
Breastfeeding had my appetite go out of control and living right next too a pizza joint made it all too easy to eat way too much of it. With maternity leave ending and not being able to fit in any of my pants I knew something had to change.
And that is when I found Beachbody and 21 Day Fix. Convincing my husband to let me purchase it (and myself for that matter) took a few weeks but that was money well spent. To say it changed my life is an understatement.
I started working out from my living room, eating better and drinking Shakeology. In a matter of 21 Days I lost 7lbs and gained a heck of a lot of muscle!! I felt like ME again, I was smiling more and fit into my pants! Taking those 30 minutes for ME made me a better mother and wife.
Over the course of the year I learned that it's all about balance and finding what works for YOU. I have completely changed my eating habits for the better, I'm healthier, stronger and expecting my second child in August. I refuse to let pregnancy hinder my workouts.
If anything it is a REASON to keep moving. I need to be healthy for TWO babies now!!
Thank you Beachbody for changing my life!

If you are in need of a pick me up; and want to get back in the habit of eating better, working out and just FEELING BETTER Please don't wait!!

February slots are filling up FAST! Deadline is TODAY! 



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