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Healthy Kid Snacks!

Healthy Kid Snacks!!
Who would have thunk?!

I completely fall victim to dishing out whatever is easiest some days for my kiddos for snack time; I have the box of GoldFish on 'backup' but lately its been the first thing I grab--and then I feel guilty because I know their health and nutrition is important too!

I've complied a list of Healthy Snacks for your kiddos and let us busy Momma's band together in serving our kiddos only the best of the best! Because well, they are worth it!

1. Greek Yogurt--drizzle a little honey/maple syrup and/or add fruit--I avoid buying the already sweetened kind too much sugar!

2. Fruit and Veggies with Nut Butters and or Hummus

3. Chia Seed Pudding ( My son surprisingly LOVES this combo!) Recipe HERE & HERE

4. Snap Peas with homemade ranch

5. DIY AppleSauce (Perfect for this Fall Season, and you can leave out all the nasty sugar!)

6. Whole Grain Cereal--I only get Cheerios for my kiddos and Grape-nuts--they love the grapenuts on top of …

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