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Mom Guilt 101

As I'm carrying my 2.5 year old to bed tonight; his head on my shoulder I seriously had to fight back the tears...I love this kid SOO DAMN much it hurts; yet the events of the day were filled with exhaustion, exasperation, yelling, crying, more yelling---From pooping under the table at lunch time, peeing on the floor of his room, pushing little brother down the steps outside, I lost my cool way to many times.

And in this moment--the moment where he still has the love in his heart to hug me and love on me like no other brought me to tears. As I snuggled him into bed I apologized, for the yelling, for making him cry---and I wish he would help me understand why he doesn't want to listen to mommy, or why mommy doesn't seem to be understanding him. He mumbled 'mmmhhmmm' under his breath while grabbing my hand and closing his eyes.

Like POOP. I feel like SUCH POOP. The last few weeks have been filled with WAY to much yelling, me losing my patience and cranky, cranky kids…

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